Summer, rain relief, Heart Rising and new programs!

Summer is here and we at Heart Rising have been greatly relieved to have experienced a rainy
season in June. As the precious water fell on our region, we couldn’t help but think back on the
events of the last year and a half and the damage that resulted from the Almeda Fire. But it
doesn’t end there. The community rallied, and in less than two years, the cities of Talent and
Phoenix, along with north Ashland are on their way back. I am also overwhelmed with gratitude
when I think of what came from the ashes. Homes are beginning to appear, businesses blossom
and hamlets flourish. Thank you to the dozens of community volunteers who have come together
to rebuild.
In the last month we have been able to assist six individuals and families with financial support
and referrals to permanent resettlement help through the and Disaster Case
Managers. Hundreds of families are still looking for closure. If you can, please send a donation
to: Heart Rising, c/o Thalden Foundation, 550 Ashland Loop Road, Ashland, 97520.
Part of our mission here at Heart Rising is to support and partner with groups who are doing
similar work. In May it was our privilege to help promote the 7 th Annual Ashland World Festival
which raised close to $10,000 for Coalición Fortaleza, a Latino-led intergenerational coalition of
community members and organizations in the Rogue Valley formed to support families and
youth of Hispanic origin in the aftermath of the Almeda Fire.
Uniting for Ukraine is looking for Host Families, Volunteers and Donations
And as often happens with philanthropic endeavors such as the ones mentioned above, the spirit
is beginning to spread. In June, an Ashland psychologist, Scott Bandoroff, Ph.D, had a flash of
inspiration and formed a new Rogue Valley-based organization, Uniting for Ukraine, whose
goal is to transport six to eight Ukrainian refugee families (and individuals) to the Rogue Valley,
and house them over the next year. Heart Rising was asked to consult on this project and a
steering committee was formed.
Host families will support refugee families in navigating life in the US. and will be assisted by
our volunteer support teams. Teams will assist visiting families in accessing social services,
obtaining medical care, arranging transportation, providing meals, enrolling children in school,
acquiring interpreters, aiding children and parents in learning English, and meeting other needs.
The website is: The link to Go Fund Me is:
Lucie K. Scheuer, Director, Heart Rising

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