Reach Out! Rise Up! Receive! Heart Rising Update February 2022

So as we move quickly into the New Year, I am happy to report new housing has been completed, or is going up, in the Talent-Phoenix area, mobile home parks are ready to re-open, and fire survivors are being resettled back into the southern Oregon community. 

According to representatives from the Jackson County Community Long Term Recovery Group, there are now Disaster Case Managers in place to aid fire survivors, even if they have already received some help, and of course, if they haven’t received any.  To get connected to a Disaster Case Manager, you will need to complete a simple Needs Assessment first, which are being administered by community volunteers, disaster case managers and zone captains. To complete a needs assessment, call 211 or go to the website and fill out an application to complete one.                                       

If you are a fire survivor and you complete a needs assessment, you may be eligible to receive help no matter where you are in the recovery process, and even if you have received FEMA funds. There is a wait for a case manager, but it could be well worth it, if there are still several things you need. The state of Oregon is providing all kinds of recovery funding, including to those who may not have qualified for FEMA funds. There are programs and money available to help with rent, household items, the replacement of trade tools, business replacement, new housing and transportation. And of course, we at Heart Rising are available to help adopt families in the interim.

I would like to officially thank the Ashland Coop for providing Heart Rising with a grant that enabled us to provide gift cards to over 15 families over the holidays. Teams jumped into action, adding them to baskets and packages for the families they have adopted, and many were able to enjoy some wonderful food from a market, that is at the hub and heart of the Ashland and surrounding communities. What would we do without you? Thank you, Ashland Coop.,

We would also like to thank the Thalden Foundation for their generous donation to Heart Rising for the new year. Several new families will be the recipients of your generosity.

We are also currently working with one of the local churches, who have adopted a family of five and who are looking into adopting another family of four. 

If you have time to give, please visit our website, and click on the “Offer Help” link. If you need help, please click on the “Request Help” link. And if you would like to donate, please click on “Donate Money.” All donations go to help families unless otherwise indicated. Donations can be sent to Heart Rising c/o the Thalden Foundation, 550 Ashland Loop Road, Ashland, OR 97520. 

Lucie K. Scheuer, Director of Heart Rising

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