Keep a Box of Gear For A Family In Need

In spite of the enormous generosity being shown in our community one problem remains for the most affected victims.

Where to store all these items that are being collected?

It is neither realistic or practical to be hauling around an instant coffee maker and household items when you are in a temporary living situation.

If people in need were able to collect what they need now, place it into a box, and then someone in the community would be able to keep it for them in a free and long term storage this could relieve a lot of anxiety.

This can be as easily as taking a small box and putting it in your garage, under your stairs. Everyone has space and the solution exists to offer safe and secure storage for all.

If you are an individual or a large organization it is easy to start your own Brown Box Initiative.

Here is how it works.

  1. Collect Clean Boxes
  2. Find 2-3 Black Permanent Markers
  3. Get some packing tape to seal Up Boxes once Filled.
  4. Index Cards or Piece of Paper.
  5. Write your name, email and phone number on an index card and put it inside the box.
  6. Take boxes to the Distribution centers.
  7. Individuals will then place their items for storage in the boxes and seal them once filled. They will write their name, phone number and email on the outside of the box.
  8. You will return later to collect boxes and keep them stored for individuals.
  9. Reach out and contact the individual to let them know that you have their box. Assure them that it is safe and secure.
  10. Agree on a time frame for storage.
  11. Maintain ongoing contact to ensure the box will be returned to the rightful owner.

You can do this!  It is quick an easy.

Rise Up! Reach Out! Receive!

Have an idea for an Initiative ? Click Here


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