Rise Up, Reach Out, Receive!

We are creating 5-member household teams to work in unison to support a displaced family, or several, the number of families served are at each team’s discretion. It is our intent for the teams to support their families through the journey ahead. This type of support is deeply meaningful to the families and bonds are formed. True community. Please understand that team members can assist in a strong capacity or they may participate at a lesser level. Each team member has equal importance. Teams can always reach out to Heart Rising if they feel they need more members on their teams to meet their family’s needs or to assist in fulfilling needs.

To join a team, click the button below “Offer Help” and fill out a questionnaire that will guide you in various ways you can help.

Once we have your information, we will combine you with 4 other households and form your team. A team will be formed to provide a wide array of support and services. We will connect with families, determine their immediate needs, and match them to a 5-member household team. Our teams are meeting by Zoom to get to know one another and are providing outstanding service to our families.

We offer the teams guidelines and resources on how to meet the displaced family’s immediate needs and suggested guidelines to form a long-range plan of support for their family.

Patie Millen – Founder
Rise Up, Reach Out, Receive!


Patie Millen 541-301-3435
Lucie Scheuer 541-944-2430

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